Woodland Animals PICNIC BOX TEA SET

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In the age of endless entertainment on hand held screens and big budget movies, sometimes there is no substitute for good, old fashioned imagination play! These vintage style boxed tea sets are very popular. In fact, you might be surprised how often these sets will win out over the high-tech gadgets when it comes to the battle for your child's play time. This set is fun, adorable, and thoughtfully designed. Each item in the set features an abundance of detail, with intricately drawn illustrations. The Woodland Friends theme is wonderful, with cartoon forest creatures. It includes four cups and saucers, four plates, one teapot, and a tray, all made of painted tin. The whole set comes in a beautiful cardboard suitcase, which is not only packaging, but obviously a part of the toy. And it has the hidden advantage of making clean up time more fun, which makes for a tidier play area. And that is something parents certainly appreciate!

Made by Sass and Belle, this set measures 11.4" long by 7.7" by 3.7", as packaged in the suitcase.

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